Sofia's Style

Sofia uses her extraordinary talent as a professor and her sense of humor to explain complex concepts and dry subjects in easy to understand terms.


In all her books, Sofia combines cutting-edge scientific research with illustrative stories and practical techniques that readers can start implementing immediately.

Sofia's books are entertaining and direct. "No fluff--just what readers need to know."


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Kill the Anxiety. Get What You Want.

Do You Tend to Avoid Confrontations?

While most men face confrontations head on, most women avoid them at all costs. Research shows women make fewer requests for themselves than men do, and an overwhelming number of victims never confront their harassers because of their fears.

Strategies for Men
Usually Don't Work for Women

One of the many reasons for it is that, as every woman intuitively knows, many of the strategies recommended for men won’t work for women: whereas assertive men are admired, people respond negatively to assertive women, calling them bossy or bitch.

This Book Was Written Just for Women

This is the ONLY book written specifically for women, and it addresses the challenges ONLY women face. It provides women with the tools they need to feel confident before, during, and after a difficult conversation.

It's straightforward talk that will help any woman find their voice and the right approach when dealing with delicate matters, impatient and difficult people, and when they know they have to stand up for themselves but are cowed by the need to please others or fear of rejection.”

-- Reader's Favorite


“Any woman sho picks this book will be inspired, upon reaching its end, to courageously speak her mind.” 

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Free Yourself from Emotional Blocks and Fears. 

Make Anger, Resentment, and Frustration Work for You.

Kill the Anxiety and Get What You Want.

Are you angry or worried about an upcoming difficult conversation? Have your fears been stopping you from confronting someone you know you have to? Or do you start fine but emotions take over in the middle of a negotiation?

Repressing emotions such as fear or anger is not a healthy alternative, but neither is letting them roam free and out of control.

So what can you do? In this book, you'll learn alternatives that will serve you better.

​In this  book you'll learn

  • to recognize the myths and inaccurate stereotypes that may have been holding back your emotional intelligence development for years.

  • a scientific model of how emotions work that will help you understand why the strategies presented are so effective.

  • strategies that will prepare you to regulate your emotions and control your worries before, during, and after a difficult conversation.

This is the only conflict-resolution book that addresses ​the emotional challenges only women face. (No, neither hormones nor menstrual cycles: the scientific evidence behind those myths is weak.)


Decode What Men and Women Really Mean

What's GQ?

Your IQ (or Intelligence Quotient) measures your reasoning ability. And your GQ (short for Gendered-Communication Quotient, a term coined by Sofia), measures how effective you are at communicating with the opposite gender.

Your GQ is, among many others, a predictor of your happiness and success in life. But they didn't teach you in school how to develop it, did they?

That might be why

  • some men believe that, “women were not made to be understood, but to be loved” 

  • some women joke with their girlfriends that “men are easy to understand because they're one-track minded” (referring to men’s interest in sex)

  • other men and women, in the opposite extreme, believe their gender does not influence the way they communicate. "Common sense is gender neutral," they say, or "Good communication principles are universal." 

What Will You Gain:

After reading this book you'll have a deeper understanding of the reasons all those beliefs are wrong.


Most importantly, you'll know how men and women tend to communicate differently, why that is, what potential problems the differences may cause, and what to do about it.

Global research firm IDC recently published a study that states that large businesses in the U.S. and Great Britain lose not millions, but billions of dollars every year because of employee misunderstandings. Many of them are due to underdeveloped GQ's.


Do you know how much your organization and you, personally are losing?


Becoming “gender-bilingual” is a skill that can (and should) be developed by anybody who’s happiness and success in life depend (even when partially) on effectively interacting with others, some of whom are members of the opposite gender.

And that includes you.



Powerful Strategies to Start Controlling Your Anxiety Right Now

(A Mini-Report)

When you worry, it feels like you’re stuck in a problem you’re trying to solve but you’re not too confident things will go the way you’d like them to.

In theory, worry seems a good thing because it serves three functions:

  • First, it’s an alarm that interrupts us from what-ever we’re doing and directs our attention to something that may need an immediate solution.

  • Second, worry acts like a constant reminder of unresolved threatening issues.

  • Third, worry has a preparation function: when we anticipate a threat, worry helps us get ready for action.

I said “in theory” because, in reality, a huge percentage of the things we worry about never happen.  In a recent study that huge percentage was 85!

Worry actually is so bad for our health that it has been linked to shrinking our brain, lowering our IQ, premature aging, family dysfunction, and even cancer and dementia.


In this mini-report you'll learn three techniques that will help you reduce worry. Take just a few minutes to read it (it's only 20 small pages) and start practicing them today!

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